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Product information


Bilimeter 3 – Bilihandy®


  • Maximum metering precision
  • nearly 100 % accuracy in ringtrials
  • Only small amounts of patient samples required
  • Easy to use
  • Small, light and compact
  • Only minor space required
  • Low power consumption

    Pfaff medical GmbH Bilimeter 3

The bilirubin problem


Discussions about optimal care for newborns with jaundice have gone on for years without change. On the one hand they were nourished by the latest findings about physiological and pharmaceutical effects of bilirubin, on the other hand by new possibilities for therapy and prevention. As well they were nourished by doubts about the correct evaluation of toxic concentrations of bilirubin and guidelines as to the correct treatment based on these. The exact measurement and precise analysis of the patient's sample is decisive for each aspect of the treatment.



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